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May 2023: AI and Digitalization

Artificial Intelligence is business technology The recent halt to ChatGPT imposed by the Italian Data Protection Authority for data processing issues has only increased discussions around artificial intelligence. Why is it talked about so much? Beyond the “science fiction” aspects,

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Aprile 2023: IT, jobs on the rise

IT, jobs on the rise It’s not the lack of jobs, but the lack of workers. This could be a valid summary of the job market situation in Italy, where – despite graduates struggling to find employment – there are

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March 2023: Artificial Intelligence beyong Chat GPT

2023 is the year of Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence has become the watchword of Digital Transformation since the appearance of the generative chatbot ChatGPT, the natural language processing tool developed by OpenAI capable of generating texts, images, and code. Millions

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May 2022: Microservices, resilience in applications

Microservices: Digital Transformation cannot do without them   In the digital age, consumers go online to access a growing number of services, that they expect to be available anytime anywhere, often via mobile app. These digital services and applications must meet requirements

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