Developing a Data Product means knowing how to combine data, i.e. raw material, with the technical development capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and user experience algorithms. This allows you to implement and improve the interaction between the interlocutor and the data, generating trust in interpreting and exploiting the available information.

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Data Scientist

Management of Big Data and in-depth knowledge of data mining and data analysis software, statistical methods, predictive models and Data Visualization.

AI Solution Architect

Design and changes of the system architecture with the aim of improving functionality through 3 phases: testing, integration and programming.

IOT Expert

Support to the organization in defining IOT services and responsible for creating the IOT architecture.

Data Analyst

Identification of the problems and obstacles that can slow down business actions by finding a solution through statistical analysis of the collected data.

Software Developer

Development of applications and software, from the design phase to the release phase.

Devops Specialist

Working closely with developers and operations staff (development + operations) to accelerate software design, testing and release times.

Product Manager

Management of the start-up phase, planning, execution, control and closure of a project by dictating the times and involving the resources.

Data Visualization Manager

Reproduction of large amounts of data in a visual format that can be understood with ease and immediacy through the use of graphics, visual elements, infographics, and other statistical tools.

Data Engineer

It guarantees data usability, taking care of their storage, monitoring and integrity. It implements advanced software through business intelligence, machine learning, and programming skills.

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