Digital as Service

Digital As Service

We manage traditional campaigns based on static filters and also more articulated customer journey thanks to a deep segmentation based on multiple variables.

Our AI automatically segments users based on recency, frequency, and monetization (RFM), so you can target the right users at the right time with the right message.

We overcome uncertainty by re-engaging inactive users with personalized campaigns that resonate and deliver a consistent experience across all channels, including email, SMS, push, web push, in-app and more.

We are delivering up to 1,000 monthly campaigns for our customers through a structured and scientific way of working: we analyze and understand the critical mass and audience for each activation; we define the ROI and set the KPIs; test & learn and put into production.

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Since years we have adopted the smart working concept. We rely on the expertise of our consultants which are spread all over the world


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