N°8 DuneDitorial: cloud migration helps enhance data

What does cloud migration mean? Cloud migration is the process of relocating data, applications, and other business elements to a cloud environment. There are various types of cloud migration, but in general it’s about transferring data and applications from the … Read More

N°7 DuneDitorial: happy holidays and enjoy your holiday readings!

Speaking of DUNED…   The book that inspired our name is “Dune” by the American Frank Herbert. First published in 1965 by the Chilton Book Company, it is the first of six novels in the “Dune Cycle.” “Dune” is cited … Read More

N°6 DuneDitorial: Our core business: Data Products

Our core business: Data Products Of course, it’s still us. DuneD guides companies to become Data-driven companies by combining a scientific approach to data analysis with AI algorithm development expertise and a service design methodology to create Data Products. But … Read More

N°5 DuneDitorial: How innovation stepped in the financial sector

How innovation stepped in the financial sector The digital revolution also affects the role of finance. Chief Financial Officers today have a strategic role when it comes to govern the Digital Transition; with the support of new technologies, they will … Read More

N°4 DuneDitorial: The tip of the iceberg: marketing

The tip of the iceberg: marketing How can the Data Lake revolutionize a company’s marketing strategies? What are the advantages of data enrichment processes? And then why can Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning be considered marketing (and sales) allies? Finally, … Read More

N°3 DuneDitorial: And you, how do you get supplies?

And you, how do you get supplies? I guess you all know what the supply chain is and how it works. But can you also tell me how and why data is so important? I would like to start from … Read More

N°2 DuneEditorial: How to build a data-driven company

How build a data-driven company We all know that changing is often difficult especially when it comes to complex transformations such as the one that embraces digital. One of the biggest obstacles is not knowing where to start, which derives … Read More

N°1 DuneDitorial: What awaits us in 2021?

What awaits us in 2021? Don’t worry, we have no intention of talking about the country’s pandemic future, or the chromatic subdivision of Italy, or the vaccine situation. We’d like to take a look at what’s going to happen from … Read More