July 2023 – Enjoy your holidays with the Dune Group, increasingly strategic and “interconnected” innovation.

Our “interconnected” innovation has a new logo This year, Duneditorial starts with a new feature, becoming the newsletter of the entire Dune Group. The format has become more streamlined and dynamic, giving space to the innovation that all the companies … Read More

June 2023 – Geomarketing: Transforming Maps into Business

Geomarketing: Maps and Analytics to Enhance Your Business with Territorial Data The digitalized world has accustomed us to a highly useful application: maps. We use them every day in consumer contexts, but in the business world, the opportunities they open … Read More

May 2023: AI and Digitalization

Artificial Intelligence is business technology The recent halt to ChatGPT imposed by the Italian Data Protection Authority for data processing issues has only increased discussions around artificial intelligence. Why is it talked about so much? Beyond the “science fiction” aspects, … Read More

Aprile 2023: IT, jobs on the rise

IT, jobs on the rise It’s not the lack of jobs, but the lack of workers. This could be a valid summary of the job market situation in Italy, where – despite graduates struggling to find employment – there are … Read More

March 2023: Artificial Intelligence beyong Chat GPT

2023 is the year of Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence has become the watchword of Digital Transformation since the appearance of the generative chatbot ChatGPT, the natural language processing tool developed by OpenAI capable of generating texts, images, and code. Millions … Read More

February 2023: Changing work: remote working, digital nomadism, work-life balance and new opportunities

How work is changing in 2023 Society and economy may be returning to a post-pandemic normality, but the world of work has truly changed forever. From remote work to environmental sustainability, from skills shortage to the resurgence of intangible values … Read More

January 2023: A 2023 of sustainable innovation – energy and green hydrogen

Let’s start the year with something new! Duneditorial has become the newsletter of the whole Dune Group from now and with this decision we would like to make room for innovation that all the firms of the group bring to … Read More

December 2022: The 2022 of the data-driven company

Christmas presents? Let’s buy them on the metaverse     This year, the fashion and luxury sector provided us with the opportunity to talk about topics such as enhancing the value of the brand and its relationship with the customer … Read More

October 2022: Fashion & Luxury, the future is a phygital emotion

Fashion & Luxury, what are the challenges nowadays?     Fashion & Luxury creations are always at the top of buyers’ wish lists, regardless of spending power. In order to continue to translate desire into purchase, fashion and luxury companies … Read More

September 2022: Energy iWeek – Energy from emergency to sustainable solution

Energy, digital and the levers of sustainability      Energy from emergency to pillar of a new sustainable economic future. This is how Europe is being challenged on this issue in a year that has seen a war erupt on … Read More