October 2022: Fashion & Luxury, the future is a phygital emotion

Fashion & Luxury, what are the challenges nowadays?     Fashion & Luxury creations are always at the top of buyers’ wish lists, regardless of spending power. In order to continue to translate desire into purchase, fashion and luxury companies … Read More

September 2022: Energy iWeek – Energy from emergency to sustainable solution

Energy, digital and the levers of sustainability      Energy from emergency to pillar of a new sustainable economic future. This is how Europe is being challenged on this issue in a year that has seen a war erupt on … Read More

June 2022: Cloud, 3 key technologies of data-driven companies

Cloud Region, safe data and environmental sustainability     The numbers of the new AWS cloud Region in Milan were highlighted at the recent AWS Summit which took place in the Lombard capital. The Region (first in Italy and sixth … Read More

May 2022: Microservices, resilience in applications

Microservices: Digital Transformation cannot do without them   In the digital age, consumers go online to access a growing number of services, that they expect to be available anytime anywhere, often via mobile app. These digital services and applications must meet requirements … Read More

April 2022: Embedded Analytics, more power to BI

Embedded Analytics: why are they needed?     The growing volumes of data that companies collect are the precious assets on which to base decision-making. But how easy is it for business users to unearth, visualize and understand this data? And … Read More

March 2022: IoT, AI and Energy Management

Energy Management and sustainability, it’s the era of the intelligent IoT   Energy Management is one of the most effective applications of the IoT: for companies in every sector, objects connected to the internet can be a support for reducing … Read More

February 2022: Computer vision: artificial vision to support the company

Computer Vision: intelligent eyes in the computer   Computer vision is, in fact, an AI that allows connected devices to see and understand through cameras and algorithms. In the field of artificial intelligence, it is considered one of the technologies … Read More

January 2022: From Cloud to Decision intelligence, the top trends for 2022

From cloud to composable business This is once again the year of the cloud: for companies, being able to access the resources provided “as-a-service” by third parties continues to represent a factor of digital innovation and competitiveness. The cloud has … Read More

December 2021: Complex Systems, Literature, Metaverse and Sociality of Science: Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

Navigating complex systems: the “Parisi theory” Finding a point of orientation in the chaos: that’s what we do at DuneD with our Data products that bring order and extract knowledge from your Big data. Research on complexity is at the … Read More

November 2021: Do you know how much your customer’s experience is worth?

Do I really need a Customer Experience Strategy? The mentioned increase in revenue was registered by a North Island 2020 study for companies that excel in Customer Experience (CX). But the advantage goes far beyond that. Elevating the experience not … Read More